Consumer Behavioral Data Offers More Reliability Than Stated Behaviors

Ever look at your research and feel like you’re only getting part of the story: sure, this respondent says they like this brand but how do I know if they actually purchase it? With big decisions on the line, it’s important to trust in the insights you’re collecting. That’s where verified consumer behavioral data comes in.

Here at Prodege, we want you to have the utmost confidence in your insights. We’re pleased to let you know that, through our omni-channel platform, we are able to obtain data + insights on verified behaviors to quickly connect you to the consumers you need to hear from, be it for quantitative or qualitative research.

We know a lot about our shoppers and can help you gain rich insights into their defining characteristics and verified behavioral data

Want to hear from buyers of your competitive brands? You don’t need to worry about asking consumers to try to recall their purchase histories; we can get you access to verified buyers from a range of fast-moving consumer goods retailers.

This advanced targeting extends to website visitation as well. Say you’d like to hear from travelers in the midst of planning vacations…we can connect you to recent visitors of travel planning & booking sites.

When Location is Key to Capturing Actionable Insights

Want to understand customer experience in real-time? With thousands of supermarkets, retailers, and restaurants in our ecosystem, our mobile location targeting capabilities enable you to conduct virtual store intercepts, mobile missions, or get a pulse on customer experience immediately following a trip. 

We recently partnered with a toothbrush manufacturer who was looking to capture assortment and shelf strategies across specific retailers. We recruited shoppers we knew had previously shopped at these stores and asked them to take pictures of the toothbrush aisle and explain in a video which toothbrush they would buy and why. This helped our partner spot competitive innovation early, learn about long-held brand perceptions, understand how shelving and assortment influence brand choice, and develop strategic ideas about how to improve their shelf presence.

More Ways to Use Verified Behavioral Data to Instill Confidence

In addition to verified behavioral data offering you the opportunity to field more concise surveys and connecting you to the right respondents, there are other use cases for leveraging this data. Our verified purchase data, online search terms, and clickstream behaviors can be appended to your survey results to provide in-depth analysis or purchased as an ongoing data feed.

If you think our advanced targeting capabilities could add further confidence to your insights, we’d love to connect you with our team of experts to help you develop a strategic plan.

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