A Travel Plan Upswing May be Beckoning

With many having vacationed less over the past two years than they would have liked, is now the time to make a travel plan? We recently surveyed 1,052 Americans 18+ to obtain timely consumer insights and gain an understanding of their readiness to travel plan. 

Of those we surveyed, around two-thirds took place in a travel-related activity over the last three months, with taking a road trip (39%) leading the way, followed by staying in a hotel (34%), planning a road trip (26%), taking a domestic flight (19%) and/or booking a domestic flight (17%). 

If You Didn’t Post on the ‘Gram, Did You Even Travel?

Among those who recently took or are planning a trip, 38% plan to share photos/videos from their trips in real time on social media, led by Gen Z & Millennials and 29% will share photos/videos on social media but not until after they are back. Another 17% will share photos/videos from the trip over text message/email but not social media.

Last Minute Flight Bookings May Become Commonplace!

Among those who have booked and/or taken a flight in the past three months, the majority booked their flights less than 2 months before their trip (58%-an uptick from 48% in Spring 2021). Of those remaining, 25% did so 2-3 months before their trip, 11% booked 4-5 months in advance and 6% secured their flights at least 6 months ahead of traveling.

No Masks, No Problem?

Knowing that the federal transportation mask mandate may be lifted after April 18 among those with an interest in booking a flight before year end, around half indicate that “the mask mandate being lifted has no impact on my decision to book a flight” (51%), with another 29% feeling they’ll be “more likely to book a flight.”

Consumers discuss whether the transportation mask mandate being potentially lifted soon impacts their decision to make a travel plan.

What Do the Next Three Months Look Like & Will Travelers Pay More Money?

With the weather warming up and the end of the school year in sight, the majority indicate they are “very” or “somewhat” likely to take a road trip (64%) and/or book or stay in a hotel for pleasure (53%). Four-in-ten are also likely to book or take a domestic flight for pleasure.

In the next three months, travelers are particularly interested in taking road trips and/or staying in hotels.

Currently, there’s a good amount of willingness to pay at least slightly higher prices for flights, hotels and/or gas for road trips. Specifically:

  • The majority of those who are very/somewhat likely to book a flight in the next 3 months are willing to pay at least slightly higher prices for a flight  (76%, vs. 54% in Spring 2021): most commonly, 60% will pay 10-15% higher, with another 16% willing to pay at least 20% more
  • As for those looking to book hotels soon, 71% are open to paying at least slightly higher prices, consisting of 59% willing to pay 10-15% of an increase and 12% who’d be open to paying a 20% increase or higher
  • When it comes to gas for taking a road trip, 78% are open to paying at least slightly higher prices, comprised of 58% who’d be open to paying 10-15% higher prices and 20% who’d go 20% or higher

Some Consumers Are Adjusting Budgets & Behaviors Due to Rising Gas Prices

The vast majority (85%) indicate that gas prices in their area are higher than they were a few weeks ago. As shown in the chart below, the strong majority of those who have observed higher gas prices have made shifts in their driving behaviors, expenses or purchases to account for the spiking gas prices.

Consumers discuss how rising gas prices have impacted them.

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