After a year of canceled plans and staying indoors as much as possible for many, it’s no surprise that traveling is top of mind. In a recent survey of our members in the US we learned that nearly half (44%) canceled or postponed a flight and/or road trip due to the pandemic. 

But with the future starting to look brighter, are people gearing up to travel beyond their city confines? Encouragingly, 73% are likely to take a road trip in the coming three months with 54% likely to book or stay in a hotel for pleasure, and 36% planning to book or take a domestic flight.

Spur-of-the-moment flights have gained momentum and may become a long-term travel strategy. Around half of those who took or booked a flight in the past three months booked their flight less than two months before their trip (48%) and another 25% did so two to three months prior.

Price and direct routes hold the most sway when booking flights these days. 

“A little more money? Perhaps.” 

Currently, there’s some willingness to pay slightly higher prices for flights and/or hotels. The slight majority of those who plan to book a flight in the next 3 months (54%) are willing to pay slightly higher prices for a flight (39% will pay 10-15% higher). As for those looking to book hotels soon, half are open to paying at least slightly higher prices (39% will pay 10-15% higher).

If you didn’t post a travel pic to Instagram did you really even travel? It turns out, these days being present on vacation is preferable to flooding IG feeds with “real-time” travel pics. Half of those surveyed are planning to share photos on social media or simply via text or email after they return. Only 28% will share their travel pics on social media in real-time and 22% will completely abstain from sharing pics. 

Over half of our members are planning on taking a trip this summer and staying in a hotel. Showcase your travel deals to our active audience who is ready for a change of scenery! Reach out to to learn more. 

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