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Data Visualization

Prodege’s Data Visualization solution quickly allows you to analyze, visualize and share your results when you need to.

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The Prodege Advantage

Ever try to communicate your research findings to senior leaders
only to have them struggle to grasp the actionable takeaways?

Prodege has perfected an intuitive solution to this common
Our Data Visualization solution allows you to quickly inject life into your data,
enabling your story to resonate across your organization!

Customized Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

Maintain a custom interactive online dashboard to display your key insights

Customized Dashboards

Thoughtful Visualization

Portray your business objectives
clearly and concisely with our visualization techniques

Customized Dashboards

Collaborate Easily

All the data is in one place, allowing you to control access and broadly share with internal and external stakeholders

All of Your Data Reporting Customized With
Prodege’s Visualization Platform

Whether you prefer to use Prodege’s self-service platform or leverage our
full-service team to create custom charts and dashboards, you unlock the ability to easily obtain actionable insights in a shareable format.


Cross-tabulate survey questions, add filter logic, create new variables and apply stat testing


Craft rich and easily edited PPT visuals in your organization's branding with the click of a button


Collaborate with others, sharing analysis and charts to identify the insights that matter most

Our partners
like that we're not
a "one size fits all"

We can do all of the work
or you can partner with
our team
of market research experts to do it together.

We curate the data to give you quick access to the insights tailored to your business objectives.


"Prodege has been a valuable asset in helping to prove BuzzFeed’s effectiveness. The quick turnaround of results within the Data Viz platform has allowed us to better service our advertising partners in delivering valuable campaign insights."

The self-serve platform gives us the flexibility to format and export in a way that meets our specific needs. Prodege has even gone the extra mile and customized the PowerPoint slides to use our unique color scheme and layout.

Example: not actual client data

Interested in more about
Data Visualization?


Our Team Supporting Yours

Partner with Our Expert Mark S. to learn more about our Data Visualization Solutions.


Mark S.

Director, Data Analytics & Visualization


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