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Keeping Them Keen: How to Drive Healthy Acquisition and Retention for Media Subscription Services

Keeping Them Keen: How to Drive Healthy Acquisition and Retention for Media Subscription Services

Today’s media marketplace is increasingly competitive for subscription or ad-funded media services. With subscription cycling predicted to increase, alongside the steady growth of stacking multiple services, maintaining subscribers, keeping your platform top of mind, and minimizing churn are becoming as vital as acquisition. To keep your subscribers captivated, MTM will share its proprietary framework and actionable takeaways from partnered research with Prodege that explores the key aspects needed for a successful media streaming service, structured around the consumer – from discovery and consideration to active use, long-term engagement, and loyalty. Attendees will learn: - MTM’s 5 pillars to guide marketing, pricing, content, and UX strategy - What effective acquisition looks like: attracting users who are more likely to stay - How to facilitate healthy, long-term relationships with users

May 4


Room 1 at InterContinental London - The O2

Ana Kahoul

Senior Account Manager at Prodege LLC, Ana has worked in market research for 15+ years and over 12 years in online research. She has worked with a very diverse range of clients, focusing primarily on consumer goods, and lately on gaming research. Her work has covered artwork/concept testing, gameplay reviews/feedback, and character/voice testing. Ana is a keen gamer and a big enthusiast of immersive online open-world games; this drives her will to change perceptions towards female game players and their potential as a target market.

Emma Eaton

Director at MTM, Emma brings 13 years’ experience working in-house and agency-side for leading international media and entertainment brands, including Viacom CBS, the BBC, and DAZN. In her career, she has led a wide range of VOD studies, including viewing and content journeys, need states, and product and UX testing. She is passionate about helping clients make better decisions through insight.

Georgie Rowe

Associate Director at MTM, Georgie has spent most of her 9+ year research career specialising in the media, tech, and entertainment industries. As an avid TV watcher herself, Georgie’s focused her work on understanding the attitudes and behaviours of viewers in the world of TV, and how these evolve with the ever-changing market. Her expertise is culminating in the creation of a framework to support VOD clients acquire and retain users (and ultimately, benefit the users too!).

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