Time spent on the Internet has risen exponentially as access to the web has become more widespread and as we rely on it for more and more daily activities (shopping, entertainment, news, search and discovery). According to Comscore, from 2010 to 2013, U.S. Internet use rose from 451 billion minutes to 890 billion minutes.

In the case of L.A.-based Swagbucks, they believe your time spent online should become more valuable to you. When you search, watch, or shop through their portal, users can earn “swagbucks” (essentially PayPal cash or retail gift cards).

“We want to make your time more rewarding. The goal is to find out how users spend their time online and make it more valuable,” said Swagbucks CEO, Josef Gorowitz.

The company has announced a new executive chairman — Chuck Davis, who previously served as the CEO of Fandango and who was also previously the CEO of Shopzilla.

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