The phrase ‘there’s an app for everything’ is used a lot these days but it is slowly becoming reality. This type of technology has come on in leaps and bounds since the development of smartphones and we are reaching a point where there almost is an app for anything you would want to do. Some are pointless, some are fun and others, like the ones in this list, could even help you make a bit of money on the side.

SwagBucks Search –

Are you the type of person that gets stuck in a loop for ages, searching things on the internet until you look up at the clock and realise you’ve lost an hour? Well instead of wasting time doing this for free; why not earn some money while you search? With the SwagBucks search swidget you can use your searches to build up points and then redeem them for gift cards and other goodies.

This SwagBucks search widget can be used on any android phone and again is absolutely free.

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