We live in this incredible time where any information we seek is right at our fingertips. Even for those who do not own computers, the internet, or a smartphone, you can use a computer at the library, potentially have access to one at work, school, or know a friend/relative who is wired in. While sometimes this leads to information overload and we are left feeling overwhelmed, most of the time it’s a great thing.

Instead of looking at technology as a money sink—the cost of the internet, ecommerce taking a sizable chunk out of people’s wallets, the cost of the hardware—I can say without a doubt that the internet has turbo-boosted our frugality. Let me show you what I mean.

Do you have a Redbox DVD rental location near you? Something I have found is that there are tons of free codes available for free DVD rentals. You can conduct a search (use Swagbucks if you want to earn points towards gift cards) for “free Redbox codes”, or check out this site (membership is free) which specializes in finding them.

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