From savings to stacking a little extra cash, there’s apps out there that promise to help you with the dollars.

Experts said it can be like modern day coupon clipping, or price comparing without actually going to any stores.

“It can be a great thing. Imagine you’re in the store and you can compare something in front of you to something online from a variety of different places,” said Charles Sachs with Private Wealth Counsel.

South Florida certified financial planner Charles Sachs said there can be real advantages to saving a couple bucks here and there.

“Just $5 a day can add up to $1,800 a year,” Sachs said.

If you’re interested in making money from these kinds of apps, here are just a few of the many you might find useful:

Swagbucks allows you to collect online currency that can become gift cards just by doing things like shopping and playing games online.

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