Would you rather jump into a pool full of Jell-O or a pool full of marshmallows?

This is one of thousands of questions that people can answer at SodaHead.com, a digital polling website that makes advertising dollars by getting people to take single-question surveys, like whose side would you take if Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got in a fight?

SodaHead was recently acquired by the El Segundo-based coupon rewards site Swagbucks, which made a splash in Silicon Beach when it announced in May it had received $60 million in venture capital. This is the company’s first acquisition since that initial round of external funding.
“SodaHead is probably the most advanced technology when it comes to polling and getting answers and opinions from consumers,” Swagbucks founder and President Josef Gorowitz said. “This gives our consumers a chance to take short-form surveys and get to share their opinions with each other.”

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