TikTok, the app that delivered us “Kombucha Girl” and whose user base consists largely of teenagers and young adults, is becoming a new tool for B2B marketers.

Jessica Batty, a marketing executive at online consumer rewards platform Prodege, said she and her team have recently noticed an increase in adoptions of informal marketing platforms like TikTok.

“There has been a pivot toward more relatable, honest and empathetic marketing messaging in B2B, and these platforms are becoming more commonplace,” Batty, the VP of marketing and corporate communications, said. 

While Batty said she’s keeping an eye on this trend, Prodege’s marketing team continues to lean into their vast network of more than 120 million global members to collect intel. 

Built In LA caught up with Batty to learn more about Prodege’s most effective marketing tactics and the future of B2B marketing. 

Of all the B2B marketing strategies your team employs, which have you found to be the most effective or to have the best ROI? 

The best B2B marketing strategy that our team employs is leveraging our global audience of over 120 million to gather timely, of the moment, consumer insights.  

We’re able to reach a targeted audience on demand and use that data to better educate our partners on emerging trends. By sharing these insights with our marketing partners, they’re better able to customize their campaigns and build their audience or grow sales and revenue, resulting in a win for all involved.  

Recent research that we’ve conducted has helped showcase what type of vacations consumers are looking into, uncovered insights on how guests really feel about weddings, and covered hot-button topics such as the pandemic and natural disasters.

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