July 22, 2021

Whether your company is fully returning to the office or choosing a hybrid (partly remote) model, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. At every company, things will look different. And that’s okay. What’s most important is that you survey your employees and talk to them about their expectations, concerns, and wants. With this information at hand, it’ll be that much easier to make decisions confidently and empathetically.

On top of the complicated task of managing people, there are new policies to create and maybe even new technology to implement.

We spoke with managers from across the world to hear their advice for getting everyone back to the office safely and happily.

6. Use tech for touchless experiences

“Our technology game at our new headquarters opening later this summer will be state of the art, including sound masking and app-based door entry to phone and conference rooms. We’ll also be installing a Bevi machine for sparkling and flat flavor-infused water. Each machine will have QR Code smartphone ordering, enabling a limited touch experience.”

– Jamie Ridley, Senior Office & Event Manager at Prodege

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