Employee Spotlight: Rahul Krishna is Proud to Be Part of ProdegeMR’s Global Expansion

Blog, ProdegeMR - June 6th, 2019

Last month, Rahul Krishna, our Director, Client Solutions (EMEA) thought he was flying into Los Angeles from London for a typical company-wide meeting. To Rahul’s surprise, one of the agenda items included publicly recognizing him as the recipient of a Stellar Employee award. Read on to learn more about the rare talent Rahul covets, the visionary he views as a professional mentor, and ProdegeMR’s impressive global reach and expansion.  

Prior to joining the team in 2017, Prodege’s “unique proposition in the online research marketplace,” was a draw to Rahul.  He appreciated that Prodege is “not just about taking surveys. The range of activities leads to great panel retention and user engagement.”

ProdegeMR’s global proprietary panel was also a key differentiator for Rahul. “Building double opt-in proprietary panels is hard. ProdegeMR’s domain expertise in building global audiences and its Respondent First philosophy made joining the team a very easy decision.”

Rahul is very passionate about ProdegeMR’s global expansion over the past year, namely the opening of our proprietary panel to over 90 new markets worldwide. Global reach, along with investments in panel delivery tools that allow agencies to access ProdegeMR’s panels in a variety of ways, make ProdegeMR the one stop shop for hundreds of agencies worldwide. Agencies have the choice to access ProdegeMR’s panels automatically via API connection, by way of our project management teams for more complex and delicate studies, or through our self-service DIY platform. These advances allow for additional opportunities to deliver the global panel to clients worldwide around the clock.

Rahul Krishna of ProdegeMR

He also spotlights ProdegeMR’s increased headcount in Europe and the acquisition of like-minded companies with a global reach (including InboxDollars, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards.com ) as bright spots over the past year.

In line with Prodege’s noteworthy global expansion efforts, the rare skill Rahul desires is the ability to speak multiple languages. To be precise, Rahul wishes he could speak “in every language where ProdegeMR has a proprietary double opt-in panel. I believe that means 65 different languages!”

Rahul’s impression of the market research scene in the UK? “it would be fair to say that the UK enjoys a vibrant market research scene.” His go-to sources for market research news and networking are MRS and Research Live.

When asked to name a professional mentor, Rahul’s answer is…iconic. “I would say Steve Jobs because of his passion to put product first resulting in top quality and stunning design…I see that at Prodege where our technology is designed and built by our passionate and bright in-house development team in sunny Silicon Beach. This allows us to be agile and keep evolving according to the customer’s needs.”

If you’re attending any market research events or conferences in the UK or other international markets, be on the lookout for Rahul and his dancing robots.

Our signature dancing robots

Bess Devenow

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