In addition to recently gauging perceptions on American tourism from those in Canada & the UK, we also surveyed 1,024 Americans aged 18+ July 28-29 to see how comfortable they’d be with several types of travel.

Over half indicate they’d be comfortable right now getting into a car and taking a trip within state lines (56%), with another 30% open to doing so within the next 6 months if COVID-19 cases decline. Slightly over a tenth (14%) said they plan to hold off on a short road trip until after a COVID-19 vaccine is made widely available. 

At lower levels, 42% would currently feel comfortable venturing to another state by car, and another 36% would consider doing so relatively soon if COVID-19 cases drop. When it comes to accommodations, hotels & resorts spark a bit more immediate confidence (29% feel comfortable staying in one now) than vacation rentals (24%, led by Millennials and Gen X). Another third or so indicate they’d perhaps be okay staying at a hotel/resort or vacation rental at some point within the next six months if cases decrease (34-37%).

As for willingness to take a trip that requires flying in the near future, my Magic 8 Ball would likely say “don’t count on it.” Specifically, just 16% would feel comfortable taking a domestic flight now and a lesser 7% express readiness to fly abroad at this time. Not surprisingly, these respondents indicate that flying domestically within the next six months if the pandemic begins to stabilize would be more in their comfort zone (36%) than an international flight (26%).

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