We’ve welcomed a number of new hires at Prodege, not only in the US, but also scattered around the globe. We spoke with a new hire within our growing international team who is based in London: Ana Kahoul, Sr. Account Manager.

Intent on finding a role that would leverage her research and sales expertise at a company that valued “honesty and collaboration with both employees and clients”, Ana’s introduction to Prodege came by way of a recruiter. “Upon learning more about the company, values, and role, I immediately thought this was a great opportunity!”

Ana felt immediately at ease and was pleased with her detailed onboarding. She expands: “From day one I was given time to familiarize myself with the new systems and introduced to different people that would support me with learning the new systems and how things work. I have felt welcomed and at ease and that has reassured me that I made the right choice in joining Prodege.”

While establishing best practices for working remotely can be daunting, Ana’s got it down to an art. She wakes up at 5am to enjoy a little “me time” (generally exercise and a quiet coffee) before a busy workday and has great tips for maximizing productivity and managing time effectively. “Plan your day the day before, if you can, making sure you list the top three things you must achieve and focus on those first thing in the morning. I like setting short and longer term goals, this gives me small wins and allows me to take a little longer on tasks where I need more time. If like me, you also manage a home and a family, make sure you plan your meals in advance, so you are not running around each day and end up not eating healthy.”

When she’s not working, Ana currently enjoys scouring social media for good recipes and meal planning tips (@downshiftology is a recent favorite account), watching Brazilian comedy on YouTube, and listening to podcasts, particularly The Joe Rogan Experience. The thing she’s looking most forward to doing when things get back to normal? Going for a swim and a motorbike ride along the coast.

If you’re curious to potentially join our fast-growing team at Prodege, read more about our domestic & international openings and hiring process here! 

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