In recent weeks, we’ve seen a wide range of content shift from lighthearted to “we’re navigating through a very fraught era.” We recently caught up with Bess Devenow, Prodege’s Director of Marketing who champions our corporate blog content to see if her approach has adapted over the past few months.

Bess indicates that she made a conscious pivot to ensure that her content strikes a balance between being current, authentic, and uplifting. She elaborates: “I am a planner by nature so I tend to operate with a clear sense of my upcoming content. That said, I value authentic, timely, and compassionate communications above all and we are navigating through uncharted waters. As an empath, it became clear to me early on that I wanted to pivot to shift my focus to providing valuable insights into the new reality our members, clients & partners are now experiencing. It was important for me to show that this experience is much more than a series of charts; I worked hard to draw out the narrative and humanize consumers’ current mindsets, hurdles, and how they have been directly impacted by recent events. For example, with the current pandemic, I’ve covered everything from recent purchase behaviors, to what safeguards businesses & venues need to put in place before consumers will feel comfortable visiting in-person, to the streaming content that’s helping the hours pass by quicker.”  

Bess does not churn out her content in a vacuum; she holds brainstorming sessions and works with a team of talented designers to achieve her vision. She remarks: “I am visually driven and I gravitate towards relatable, not overly posed imagery. I am very fortunate to work with a team of talented designers that always go the extra mile for an infographic, visual for a blog or social media post, and everything in between.  Our weekly COVID-19 Consumer Tracker Report has been a partnership with our designers I’m particularly proud of, as it presents a large amount of data in a manner that’s innovative, eye-catching, and digestible. We also collaborated on a dedicated landing page that features all of our timely content in one place and I was very pleased with the look and feel of this site.”

As for the next content push Bess is excited about, “We are getting ready to launch a new weekly tracker that explores the current ‘one foot forward as we cautiously enter the next stage of this new normal’ mindset. As with our current tracker, I have big plans for the layout of this downloadable asset.” 

If you want to read our weekly trackers, you can check them out here!

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