Imagine starting an exciting new job and within days….replacing in-person office onboarding with video meet and greets. We spoke with Ryan Callery, Prodege’s Senior Director, Sales – Shopper Marketing about his recent experiences joining the team just prior to COVID-19 escalating and how he’s navigating an unexpected WFH transition. 

Ryan was excited to join Prodege initially based on the connection forged with his former colleague, Freddy Cavin. As he got to know more about Prodege, he quickly realized “this is a place I can thrive, be happy, and contribute for a long time.”

As for entering social distancing mode quickly after being onboarded, Ryan was immediately impressed with his new team and quickly pivoted to adjust to the evolving landscape. “The entire Prodege family and leadership has been truly amazing about communication and support. My approach to selling has definitely changed, as I think is only right for these times. I am leading with empathy, which I’d always done, but even more so right now. Priorities and strategy have become more about simply staying in touch, listening, and being a good human.”

Ryan Callery

Luckily, Ryan is no stranger to remote working, having WFH for years previously. His key tips for navigating a home office include sticking to a routine, dressing the part, and staying connected. “Put items on your calendar even if you’d normally just ‘do them naturally’. Schedule them instead, and you can always adjust if need be. Dress as you would at work, at least 3-4 days per week. For me at least, it gets me in a more focused mindset. And communicate with your teammates as much as you can – they’ll tell you if it’s too much, and that’s usually better than too little.”

Once it’s safe to be out and about, Ryan awaits the opportunity to “see friends, family, and clients in person again, only when absolutely appropriate (which might not be exactly the same as ‘when we’re allowed to’). One of my favorite aspects of sales is face to face interaction, so I’ve definitely missed that. But thank heavens for Zoom! Outside of healthcare workers and grocery/drug store employees obviously, they’ve been the real heroes in this thing!” 

With grocery shopping one of the only permitted outings for many of us for the time being, which items are consumers stocking up on? 

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