When gauging the effectiveness of your campaigns, you want to understand key performance metrics, including the volume of units moved. It also proves clutch to obtain rich details about the shoppers who purchased your product, for a number of reasons.

The Value of Understanding Incrementality & Segmenting Buyer Groups

With a growing number of brands on shelves, it can be daunting to crack the code on how to forge lasting brand loyalty. That’s why it’s key to have a partner who has a strong understanding of your target consumer and can provide you with valuable information to help you win their repeat sales.

At Prodege, we provide our partners with a detailed post-campaign report that includes a range of information such as impressions, clicks, units moved, shopper demographics and importantly, incrementality, which we’re able to measure through our verified online & offline purchase receipt data from our millions of active members. Our incrementality report analyzes category purchase behavior in the six months prior to the program, enabling you to see what % of program redeemers were incremental to your brand, new to category (no purchases made in that category in the last six months) or competitive (only purchased your competitors in the last six months). We can also see what % of program redeemers were brand switchers (purchased your brand + at least one competitor) or loyalists (only purchased your brand).

Prodege can help you understand key purchase motivations and measure incrementality

With so many brands to choose from, the ability to segment incremental buyers is a strategic tool to understand your new buyers and their purchase considerations in greater detail to help you earn their repeat purchases. Even more importantly, at Prodege, we have the ability to tack on custom questions to our existing post-campaign survey. We’re also able to easily administer follow-up surveys to key shopper segments, such as incremental buyers (new to category and competitive) and also brand switchers, who could be considered ”at risk” since they have recently purchased your brand as well as another in the category recently. This enables you to obtain further insights into their consumer decision journey, understand key purchase considerations, and learn how to keep your products top of mind.

Prodege has a proven track record of driving strong incrementality and connecting brands to new purchasers. Our proactive, flexible approach and ability to understand our clients’ unique needs has resulted in success for many leading CPG brands. Recent campaigns for well-known toothpaste and produce brands yielded 82% and 84% incrementality, respectively. 

We’d love to partner with you to ensure your brand stands out on the path to and through purchase. Send over a quick note that outlines your goals and our team would love to help develop a custom plan to achieve them!

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