In addition to obtaining insights from voters on how they plan to cast their ballots, we got a pulse from these voters on timely Election Season topics.

Among the 83% who are decided on which Presidential candidate they will vote for, the top factors that contributed to this decision were improving the economy & providing more job opportunities (77%, led by Boomers) and stabilizing the COVID-19 pandemic (72%, topped by Gen Z). 

For the minority undecided on who to vote for, the same two issues mentioned above emerge as the single most important determining factors, with improving the economy & providing more jobs mentioned more frequently (38%) than stabilizing the ongoing pandemic (30%).

When it comes to events to garner support in the midst of a pandemic, the majority overall (58%) perceive in-person Presidential campaign events & rallies as “unnecessary and risky.” On the flip side, nearly half of Trump voters in 2016 (47%) think in-person events are okay if attendance is limited/masks are required and another 17% view in-person events as okay without any restrictions.

With a couple of recent Presidential candidates new to politics, the predominant sentiment about those who declare their candidacy without previously serving in political office is “it depends on the candidate”. By generation, Gen Z is most apt to quip that “Donald Trump as President has shown me this is a bad idea” and “I don’t take these types of candidates seriously” (46% in each case).

After the election concludes, the holiday season will be fast approaching. Read on to see how our members plan to make an unconventional holiday season festive!

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