As the path to purchase becomes more cluttered, we understand it’s crucial that brands get the insights they need to navigate consumer decision-making, and learn the why behind what’s making it in their basket! 

That’s why we recently upped the ante on our shopper companion app, Tada. 

Making the Most of Our Network  

Our shopper companion app Tada offers hundreds of savings opportunities on a regular basis.  In addition to that, hundreds of thousands of our shoppers upload their in-store receipts and share their purchase information to earn a little extra.  

But what if they didn’t have to? In order to support an even more seamless experience for our consumers, our platform now lets shoppers within our network link their *merchant accounts with their Tada account, allowing them to easily share their purchase data by eliminating the extra step of uploading their receipts. 

Why is this so exciting?

It allows for more of an “always-on” data feed.  Consumers were previously uploading receipts when they remembered, now they won’t have to!

The data that we’re collecting contains the where, when, and what and if you’re interested in learning the why, we can help with that too, with our targeted survey capabilities.  

Targeting Further Down the Funnel

For those who have opted-in to our account card-linking capabilities at participating retailers, we’ll be able to send targeted emails and push notifications, promoting your offers at those retailers, anywhere in the nation. 

Consumers will see targeted takeovers and homepage banners relevant to not only where they shop, but where they are based on what accounts they have linked to our app.

These reminders will keep your brand top of mind and help to ensure that there is always an “add to cart” moment happening. 

If you’re looking for your offers to become a part of a smooth omni-channel shopping experience while ensuring your targeted offers are seen by shoppers who are loyal to key retailers, send us a note!

*at participating retailers across the U.S. with more launching soon!

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