If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more. With consumer video insights, you’re not just taking consumer feedback at face value, you’re seeing it through their eyes.

Taking into account that most experts agree that the vast majority of all communication is nonverbal, what better way to extract meaningful data than through not just respondents’ words but their actions as well?

No longer is there a need to convene an in-person focus group, as the digital age — and Prodege’s engaged audience and innovations in video capture — enables respondents to easily record and upload video, audio, and images.

Once collected, focusing in on this impactful content empowers marketers to uncover the attitudes, behaviors, emotions, and trends driving consumer behavior.

Because there is value in not just what is said but in how it is said, it is not surprising that video responses provide more than 6x the information captured in a standard open-ended text response, providing not just quantitative insights but qualitative ones as well.

Consumer video insights provide richer information from your brand enthusiasts or detractors.

Personalizing your presentation decks with video responses offers a valuable opportunity to forge a greater connection with the actionable insights you’ve gathered. Videos can also be vital in capturing the attention of senior leadership when sharing the results widely, enabling them to make more informed business decisions.

No longer just words on paper from a faceless consumer, in addition to providing thoughtful customer feedback, video content can also provide compelling marketing and advertising ideas for your brand. Seeking inspiration from the rich video testimonials from your brand evangelists can help you hone in on key selling points and fast track your digital marketing efforts.

With video being one of the most powerful mediums for storytelling, Prodege’s innovative capabilities in this area provide the ability to discover consumer attitudes, behaviors, emotions, and trends, enhancing research and inspiring action.

Looking to reach a targeted audience of consumers who are open to sharing their feedback via video testimonials? Reach out to explore our video solutions.

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