Did consumer behavior change due to the COVID surge we experienced over the past couple of months? 

COVID Still Hasn’t Left the Building

After a winter surge that disrupted holidays for some, we were curious to understand how it impacted shopping and consumer behavior in comparison to the surge over the summer

Compared to the summer 2021 uptick in cases, shoppers have been finding fewer deals on products and slowed their impulse purchases. This could be due to post-holiday shopping slow-downs and consumers planning to stick to their shopping list. They also agreed that prices seem to be higher than usual.

Are shoppers not seeing the same value in shopping in-store as they once used to? It may be surprising to learn that fewer shoppers stated convenience and picking out their own items as reasons they chose to shop in-store. Instead, more consumers tend to shop online as much as possible than in August, especially during a surge.

However, mobile push notifications that guide consumers to shop in-store and upload receipts for cash back could be the answer, as almost half of shoppers said they look for ways to save money during a COVID surge.

Purchasing in bulk may still be a common behavior during surges, as 37% noted they typically plan to stock up on food, an increase from 30% in August. They also look to purchase more cleaning supplies when COVID is higher in their area.

Will You Be Picking Up? 

Contactless delivery and curbside pickup saw a boom during the start of COVID as consumers looked for shopping options that took away the risk of being in-store. And in today’s world during local COVID surges, it’s still a popular option as 20% of consumers use curbside pickup for groceries, household, and personal items. 

Restaurants are also seeing the demand for contactless delivery, as a quarter of consumers admitted to ordering pick-up or delivery more often during the recent Omicron surge than they did in August. 

COVID may have changed how consumers shop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your conversions! Learn how you can move products off of shelves and drive sales volume with our flexible marketing solutions.

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